May 09, 2013

My yellow brick road.

I love writing.
I love words.
I love stories.
I love people.
I love learning.

For a long time I kept a blog I didn't tell anyone about. It was my escape from insanity in turbulent times... I posted my long sighs transformed into short sentences and collected songs while I followed my very own yellow brick way home!

Now, it makes sense to have something I will share. For several reasons. Because writing became my very personal way to definitely follow that yellow brick road...  doing it just for myself is lonely and too self-centered. Because sharing allows me to learn a bit more and expand my vision. And, practically speaking, because I am trying now to write in English and, since I am not a native speaker, forcing myself to find the right words, more complex expressions and having someone "reviewing" what I create (or just having the pressure of knowing it will be public) can be a good way to improve.

This will be my place still, to unload whatever thought, story or consideration that is going through my mind in that very moment in time. It is not a diary though, it is not all about me (mom, dad, take note!).
I usually collect stories in a little book I have with me at all times and, whenever I have the time, I develop those stories, or I just leave them as little notes. That little book will now be this place... all inspired by these phrases I get on passing, inspired by my life, the life of friends, of people I randomly meet.

Life is made of so many stories we often ignore... some sour, some sweet, some of great strength and others of great sorrow (I am portuguese... fate, sorrow and nostalgia are well embedded in my fado-filled genes). Innocence is gone and life becomes complex once you start digging deeper on who are these people that surround you in your life or just in this very unique instant. It is fascinating... and so much scarier... and so much more exciting! It is very grounding too and humbling to realize we are all quite similar despite our immense differences... we are all searching for the same peaceful spot under the sun, for love and understanding. When I truly realized this I was not able to judge as lightly as I used to do. And that is for sure my very own journey down this yellow brick road...

Stories, little stories, epic tales, people's stories, ordinary stories of extraordinary people, secret stories of average people... it is my history, my philosophy straight from my everyday encounters with life.