December 14, 2013

Tick-tock goes the clock.

The clock doesn’t stop ticking… The battery can die but the earth won't stop rotating on itself, kissing the sun from all possible angles.

We insist on running, trying to keep up with the time that doesn't stop flying. The sun rises and sets without us even noticing, for the concerns we have are always too urgent, too important, too demanding of the time we don't actually own!

The Spring and its flowers comes and goes. So does the Summer days with the warm waves, the Autumn colors and the Winter cold…. and there is no time, between a tick and a tock, to enjoy the delicate poppies on the fields, the dead orange leafs on the park or the warmth of a good book.

And the clock keeps on ticking...

Couldn't we stop for a tiny second? Just on this one instant?… For what is truly vital might be to find time to actually LIVE… With depth… With a lot of questions and not so many answers… With kindness.… Giving it space, in the the chronological line, for the hurt to hurt and the love to be sweet. Taking it all in… in this one moment, in this limited time we have and that keeps fleeing like a fugitive, escaping in front of us.

…just so we will have a chance to say, one final day, that it was all truly worth it!