April 15, 2014

Let go.

As the sweet memories of distant loves and distant times lingered in her thoughts, she realized she had already come a long way.

Letting go was a lesson she struggled to learn. Letting people go and hurl themselves into their own destiny, their own battles, without feeling like she, herself, was losing… them… passion... life… it all took a lot from her.

It was hard to make her heart settle into the thought that, just like the sun rises and sets every single day, come rain or shiny date, come cold fronts or warm winds, also people come and go into our still pictures that make for specific life moments.

For the longest time, it all adjusted tenderly, but sadly, on her heart.

She finally realized, with patience, that letting go can be the translation of great love. A selfless love that understands and gets inspired with these different journeys of the people that make us who we are… in this instant or this eternity.

Goodbye… the word consumed itself in hurt, doubts and despair, yet it ended up liberating and soothing tortured souls that look for a common ground that might not exist. She ultimately embraced the strength of the word, of the feeling... the relieve it could bring… the peace.

She could finally value the beauty of departure. Deconstruction. Breakdown... As ruins allow for renewal and damage for repair.

She rather live now, safe and sound in her serenity, alone even when surrounded by so many people, happy with the happiness she guesses in the ones she loves, as she now knows life makes us all islands at some point… tiny dots in an ocean we are all trying to brave across.

We are all islands until we become refugees of something, of some place, of someone…

In this world we share we ought to learn to be truly kind, truly content to feel that everything is, already, now, always, as it should be… 

With every word I live again through the eyes of another
We'll meet at night, wet from the rain
and surprise each other with how we take away the pain
Could you be the one to find me safe and sound?
Love is how it's lost .. not how it's found

                                                                       Azure Ray