June 13, 2014


"You were just in my dream", he texted her. 
Just this. 
No adjectives letting her guess any feeling behind it. No follow up. Nothing else.
Just this simple telegraphic message to let her know she had been with him that night.

She chose to take it gently, imagining him saying it with the smile that once was her happiness, whispering it sweetly to her ear. 
It made her peaceful to believe he could finally feel warmly about her… with a better sentiment than the hateful indifference that ruled their ways after he left. 

She felt the serenity that message had brought her, sprinting through her veins… she felt the rush of something new to her soul. 
She thought tenderly of him but her heart wouldn't skip no beat no more. 
She was almost crying as she realized she didn't love him. This was not love anymore. This was not love! 

She. Didn't. Love. Him. 

It struck her like lightning. How overwhelmingly new this was! How freeing. How beautiful.
It shook her ground just as much as when she found firing passion, for the first time, in his eyes. 

"Here we will lay apart, but here together will our hearts rest",  she sang it in her head as to remember old sorrows. She knew their time as one would always belong to a different lifetime now, an eternity she no longer shared with this world, a piece of history to just reminisce sweetly about.

She. Didn't. Love. Him.

And for the first time in the longest of times, she could frankly smile and be light. She could just calmly, softly, be. Light.

"The fastest bullet flying,So quick nobody ever feel no pain
'Cause the plains they took my baby
And i'm gonna take her to the funeral beds to lay.

I hate to say i love you,
But oh goddamn i love you,
You know i do
But you're gone away, gone away, gone away.

These great fields are stretching,
Taking me oh so far."

                                                    The Districts