November 18, 2015

From gold.

There will come a day to be soft again.
To not let the universe make my sorrows run wild, nor let the pain allow hate to sink in… A day to not let bitterness steal the sweetness within.
There will come a day to take pride that, even though the rest of the world may disagree, I will just love life for what it is.

It's all but fading memories in the end.
Why would I want it to last forever in my soul? Smells to smell eternally, sounds, feelings and hopeful words to stay endlessly as ghosts? Why desire that the aching reminiscences of what is past, live now and forevermore?
Memory is meant to fade... to color.. to black... Love is forever, but memories are not. And that's called luck.

What keeps my head up when nobody's around is keeping my feet off the ground.
Though I have been quiet, completely silent if anything, there is a time and place to discover light and poetry. Kill a memory. Build a story. Miss a past and still keep smiling to this new face and this new desire, found as far away as you are.

Oh darling, dear, won't you take me by the hand, like in the words I read, and lead us all the way to the promise land? It's slightly askew but entertaining...draining, maybe, can you see?
It has got me wondering which is worse... the day I fell into his eyes or the day of the big surprise, when he fell out of the edge of this world.

But sweetheart hear me out, as I am certain of this one thing. There must be no middle to me.. opposites only, antonyms... truth and lies. Before and afters. Birth and sudden deaths. Friends and foes. The brightest love and the darkest hatred.

It's taking too many hours and too many days, baby and I just want to hold you... as if an end of a wait has begun.
Let me be elusive and i'll leave... peaceful and easy... I'll leave the dark shadows on the outskirts of an old soul, to follow a new light that is yet to be turned to dusk.

I said there were mountains in my way but they're slowly disappearing.
How wonderful is it, that I can feel you touch my skin?! And as much as I build thick walls around it or put my heart on rescue mode, it is all momentary and dissolving, so all I can do is throw my love into the sky... and see it fly. 

"I'll hold, so near and cold 
You've exhumed my love 
I'm sold, and our story will grow old 
But you'l make dust from gold 
And I'll know that your heart was once like mine, 
Watch the flaws unwind 
And i'll throw my love to the ground 
And i'll tear you out."

                                                      Ali Lacey