April 27, 2016

Together. Alone.

Everyday there's pain, pleasure and death in this process for existence.... a struggle bending up against the mountains whose true geology has to be more than fear, or they are but dust.

Everyday we leave pieces of ourselves behind, we lend them to the times we live, the people we meet, to never see them again.... and when all is lost, in the past that was your yesterday's future, there is no more survival.

Everyday I am someone who needs somewhere to long for... I am someone homesick of this stark land of an uncertain address... homeless of a country and homeless of a heart.

Everyday I grow increasingly unclear of all the certainties that kept me from losing it all before... that saved me from drowning... legs, arms and spirit tied to someone not fighting my wars.

Everyday your hands on my body resonate through me as if it was real...as if you were real... as if we actually existed in more than a parallel universe of dreams and romantic quotes.

Everyday you become more of what i ran away from, a sweet, sad, little pray that was never to become more than hope.

Everyday there's this anticipation that won't ever subside. I'm waiting to lean up against you in the water.... and though I can't swim, I'm trusting you'll take me back to my fortress now.