November 22, 2016

Slow Show

At the edges of a memory I had learned how to be alone, holding it all together, barely, maybe, just so I couldn't hurt myself no more. But you came rather close, suddenly, you stood in my shadow, I felt your breath and it pushed me out of my haven... a slow drift that only you could avoid.

You took me out into the weather and got me lost from the path that was my own. Now you can sit there, dear hunter,  and see me running like a deer with no pasture, fleeing with no strength before its pursuer. Just watch as I slowly die in the wilderness and enjoy the show.

If by chance I survive, I'll avoid losing sight of my shelter ever again and will have some uncertain futures to digest within... I'll realize, hopefully, how to close it all out to the world for good. No foolish words no more, just a slow bow after this slow show ends. Accepting, without further questioning, what I had chosen long ago. No voice to this romantic heart I own, such idiotic clown. Mind only, my cynical and dearest one!