June 13, 2013

Days of our lives.

And then one day it was not like children playing anymore.

Love was out... in its most shattering, exciting, stormiest way. We were grown-ups for the years that rested behind, but we faced life like the teenagers we wished we could still be! Here and now there were real lives at stake though... hearts yet to be broken, unstained feelings, innocence to be lost, newfound connections of the brain and of the spirit! There was no playground love anymore... It was beyond kiss and tell, a whole set of unconfessed stories breaking down existing walls, tearing down the past and making the future unexpectedly unforgivable!

It was amazing how suddenly the friend next to me was not an innocent little girl anymore... my friend was a woman, a man, with a job, baggage turned into a whole backpack of stones, complicated loads of unnamed reflections. Surprisingly, people around me had this incredible aura of an experienced person with a life of encyclopedic tales turned soap operas…. Secrets, tangled stories, friends that were no more, love crooked into despair, longing feelings of times forever lost in a different chapter of some other novel. All an existence crushed into this dense movie, a reality tv-show of some sorts, all part of an unreal life that was my very own after all. 

This was my only chance at this show... Eventually it all seemed real… Devastatingly real!

But we're just kids on the run.